Fireman Equipment - Safety

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Autonomous molis Breathing Apparatus 6 Lt
Reflective Triangle, Metallic Base
Full Face Mask
Exhalation Valve and Continuous Air Flow Component
Reflective Triangle, according to ECER27
High Pressure Hose, Gauge and Alarm
Small First Aid
Pressure Reducing Valve and Check Valve
First Aid - Medium size
Cylinder Valve
First Aid - big size
Compressed air Cylinder ( ΚΧ15 - 510 - ΒΑ630)
Oxygen Therapy Set 1.5Lt
Escape breathing apparatus - CE certified
Oxygen Therapy Set 2Lt
Compressed air cylinder for MBK10-BA600
Oxygen Therapy Set 3Lt
Escape breathing apparatus CE certified Carbon fiber Cylinder
Oxygen Therapy Set 5Lt
Compressed air carbon fiber cylinder for MBK10 - BA600 Composite
CYLINDER 16 Lt with Oxygen for medical use
Fireman Suit
Trolley for cylinders 16Lt
Fireman Belt
Fireman axe
Lifeline (rope)
Fireman flashlight (Lantern).
Fire Resistant Gloves
Fire Resistant Boot Cover
Plastic key box
Fire extinguisher sign
Exit sign
No exit sign
Exit to the left - stairs
Exit to the left
Exit to the right - stairs
Products per page 12 24 36
1 2