Fire Safety Set

PRODUCT CODE : 0141112

This product contains 1 piece of 2Ltr Wet Chemical Portable Fire Extinguisher and 1 piece of Fire Blanket 0,90mx0,90m. The fire extinguisher is suitable for F type of fires (professional and domestic kitchens, barbecue places) as well as for A type of fires ( cottons, wood, paper,solid flammables, etc.)

Quality Characteristics:

  • According to European Directive EN3.7/2004 + A1 2007(E). These types of fire extinguishers are the only suitable for use in F type of fires, for professional and domestic kitchens.
  • The fire extinguisher has a pressure gauge for pressure inspection.
  • The cleaning of the place of fire is very easy after the use of the FClass Solution Wet Chemical fire extinguisher.
  • The fire extinguisher meets the special requirements of the inductive test according with the paragraph 9 of the EN3-07:2004 + A1.
  • The cylinder of the fire extinguisher includes internal plastic antioxidation coating.
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